What little I have seen of the Phoenix boys (students of Phoenix School of Durban - established by M K Gandhi) they are very nice, but it is a pity to be so completely nice. They have discipline where they should have ideals. They are trained to obey which is bad for a human being, for obedience is good, not because it is good in itself but because it is a sacrifice. Those boys are in danger of forgetting to wish for anything, and wishing is the best part of attainment. However, they are happy, though they have no business to be happy.
Rabindranath Tagore, in a letter to Anglican priest and educator C F Andrews, 15 November, 1914

Majlis Culture Centre had developed a three tier structure of resource sharing and participatory learning – aiming to reach the wide spectrum from the peer-artists to undergraduate college students and community based youth groups. We, at Majlis, believed that an intellectual and artistic environment in the society can be sustained and facilitated only through simultaneous and cultivated engagements with the making of art, being the protagonists of art projects, receiving / seeing art and interacting with art. Hence we considered production support, discursive training and skill development as part of the same action plan.